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Can You Believe My Bordeaux Wine Posts Get More Hits Than My Political Rants?

As usual, the so-called law of supply and demand explains everything. There’s not enough information on the web about good, affordable Bordeaux wines, while there are too many political rants. I suppose it’s the election season. Or maybe it’s the Gresham’s law of blogging: bad dope drives out good.


But I won’t tease you any longer. I’ve come to you here on the web today to give you more good news about Bordeaux wines of the 2011 vintage just coming to market. In this recent post I told you why I thought they would be good, especially the Saint Emilions Today I offer you taster’s proof positive. A few days ago, I found some Lussac Saint Emilion from Château La Croix de Chereau, vintage 2011 at €9 the bottle in my neighborhood supermarket. This wine is a real miracle at that price. It’s just as round and full as the Graves I wrote about the other day, but it’s also got enough tannin so that it can travel well and keep for a few years. Addionally, it has special nutty overtones that I’ve seldom tasted in other reds. I’m going to buy a few more bottles for special occasions.


The Lussac Saint Emilion is a small northern suburb of the main Saint Emillion district. It has less prestige, but a bit more merlot (65% rather than 60%), and commands a lower price. The nearby Fronsacs will probably be interesting, too, and I will let you know if I find some good bargains. All these wines are near neighbors, if not kissing cousins of the  Pomerols (70% to 80% merlot), which people who can afford them often rate the world’s best reds.


I should warn you: I’m not an expert, just an ordinary wino wine-lover like you.


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